Friday, January 30, 2009

Review Service: toyslogic... part 3 (final conclusion)

the policy of toyslogic require e-mail of pictures as evidence to proof that there was an error in their delivery, and i did just that. my complains didn't get a respond right away, so i decided to wait a day or two before i gave them a telephone call. it seems like it was the only way to get them to answer me.

i told them my problems and this is their solution...

for the mis-package in my order of fate/hollow ataraxia figure collection volume 2 set of 6, they apologize for the error and send me the 3 missing figure for free. i also get to keep the 3 duplicate as extra... nice ^^

i now have a complete set... (and a review of this set will be post soon).

as for the mis-package in my order of final fantasy trading art mini figure volume 3 set of 5, they can't get me the missing figure of rikku (from final fantasy x) because they aren't able to get any in stock. all they can do is give me some money back. as a result, this set is incomplete. i hate to say this, but im gonna have to try ebay for the missing figure... -_-

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