Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Review Service: toyslogic... part 1

im a first time customer of toyslogic and already i had a bad experience with them.

i purchased some figures from them on january 9, 2009 and had it shipped on usps. my orders are being shipped separately because the other half of my order are pre-order, so that will take a little longer to come to me since they don't have it in stock. as a result, they are probably gonna charge me twice for shipping and i dont mind paying shipping twice as long as i get what i wanted.

the first half of my order arrived on january 20, thats 11 days. i don't mind the wait as long as i get what i wanted.

i was so happy when the first half of my order finally came. it felt like christmas all over again. toyslogic did a good job with the packaging, they placed newspaper insider the package as cushion to prevent the actual box from being damage.

i open each blind box to make sure that there was no missing pieces, and that i have a complete sets just as i ordered:
- fate/hollow ataraxia figure collection volume 1 set of 6... all the figure was there, it was a complete set... (a review of this set will be post soon).
- fate/hollow ataraxia figure collection volume 2 set of 6... was not a complete set, i receive 3 of the same figure and it was not what i ordered. there been a mistake, so i e-mail toyslogic immediately about the situation and i expect an exchange.

i am now waiting on their reply. until farther notice, this blog is to be continue...

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