Tuesday, February 03, 2009


title: claymore

total episode: 26

release date: 2007 april 04

summary: a world sparsely occupied by small, isolated villages needs someone to defend its people from yoma, devil-like creatures with fearsome strength and hunger for humans. The people are protected by claymore (half-human half-yoma female warriors) with silver hair and eyes and power to match the yoma. clare is one such claymore. after she saves a young boy named raki, whose family is massacred by a yoma, he begins to follow her from mission to mission.

review: the first few episode helps fill in the detail of what this anime is all about. it's just a series of events that happen to each characters during their adventures and are interesting for various reasoning. in a way, i think its great for character development. the fight scene is pretty decent, it does have some blazingly fast sword action. the animation itself is generally good. in my perspective, i say the highlight of this anime came from episode 5-8 arc. it truly deliver a mind-blowing-jaw-dropping twist, that i didn't even see it coming from miles away. i was fill with emotion, i even find myself getting a little bit watery in my eyes. i was rather unsatisfied with the ending tho, because it seems rush as if the creator just wanted to end it.

rating: 8.5 out of 10

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