Monday, January 19, 2009

PSP: version differences

the psp was first released to the united states in 2005 march 24 and it cost $249.99 because it was a "value pack" offer. after 3 years, the price drop down to $169.99 and i finally purchased one. i got it a couple of days later after christmas of 2008

i purchase a psp for one reason and one reason only... and that reason is to play crisis core: final fantasy 7.

there was a problem when i purchase my psp: i didn't realized there was version differences (i should of done some research), and i felt like i got rip off by best buy because that is where i bought my psp. here what happen...

there was two types of psp that best buy was selling: limited edition ratch and clank psp entertainment pack for $199.99, and psp (piano black) for $169.99

so, i bought the psp that cost $169.99 because i didn't want to pay extra for a psp that came with a game that im not interested in. long-story-short, it turns out that the limited edition ratch and clank psp entertainment pack for $199.99 was psp-3000, and psp (piano black) for $169.99 was psp-2000. whats the differences? psp-3000 has better graphic and has a built-in mic. the mess up part is when i went back to best buy a week later after new year, psp-2000 was no longer on the shelf. it was replace with psp-3000 (piano black) same price of $169.99.

i can't get a refund even if i try cause i already open the box.
two things i learn from this: 1) research before purchase and 2) never shop for stuff during december

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