Saturday, April 03, 2010

Dissidia Final Fantasy

united states release date 2009 august 25th.

per-ordering at gamestop customer will receive a bonus of both cosmos and chaos limited edition cover art.

didn't know whether the material was paper or plastic, i still pre-order a copy a couple of weeks early. when i received my copy, it turned out to be paper... lame.

few days later, i discovered something awesome. dissidia final fantasy limited collector's edition, scheduled to be release 2009 september 4th in europe only.

it contain the following:
  • a soundtrack selection mini CD
  • hard cover art book
  • official mini guide book
  • 2 exclusive lithograph prints

this release was way better than the united states release, and the only way i could get myself a copy of this edition was on ebay. i purchased it for $75.68 included shipping, and when i received it from mail. i was very please, there was no damage. i left the seal on as it is to preserve it value.