Tuesday, September 20, 2011

News: PSP Persona 2 - Innocent Sin (Megami Tensei)

this playstation portable (psp) game is set to be release in the united states on 2011 september 20th, bundled with a bonus item. a mini sound track containing 10 tracks of music, that is it.

the european is going to release a collector edition of this game, bundled with the same mini sound track and much more. such as, a 6 double sided art cards, a large poster, and a t-shirt. apparently, it is only available for those who preorder direct from ghostlight.

my thought: i am still pending on whether i should just settle on the united states version since ghostlight doesn't deliver oversea. i don't want to go to ebay, because it is most likely going to be over price. as for zavvi, they haven't listed it in they inventory yet. so, i pray they get it in stock.

Monday, September 19, 2011

News: PSP Fate Extra Limited Edition

the united states version of this game is set to release on 2011 november 1st, bundled with bonus items. a sound track cd, and an exclusive fate/the fact booklet containing 20 pages of information about the events and the mysteries world in which fate/extra takes place. it is only available online at gamestop site for $39.99 (ten dollar more than the regular release).

the japanese version of this game was released 2010 july, bunlded with way more goody. such as a sexy 1/12 scale pose able action figure of saber manufacture by good smile company (figma), a sound track, a visual book, and all pack up in a special illustrated box. it was only available in japan for about $135.00

my thought: i already got the japanese limited edition version, still... i am considering getting the united states version because i don't understand japanese. as a collector, i would like to know what im getting into even though i hate getting double copy. i guesss thats the price i pay for not being multilingual.