Monday, January 31, 2011

Announcement: Team Work

i fail to blog on a consistent basis to weekly blog as i promised. in order to keep my blog alive and running, i realized i can't do this alone. so i seek for help, and i got my cousin ivan to assist me. i talked over with him about my situation and he seems delighted to lend me a helping hand. cousin ivan will be blogging mostly on the video games category. he is much more of a gamer than me and he is also fine writer, so stay "toon" for his reviews. ^^

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Loot: 2011 January (1 of 4)

during the month of january i made a few online purchases from four different places, and one of those order has arrived at my door step. its a small package.

its sheryl nome from macross frontier, a 1/8 scale figure made by megahouse. truth-to-be-told, i am unfamiliar with her character nor have i ever watch the anime. the reason i got her is because of akiba hobby, they ranked this figure as no. 1 in their "...figures in your 2009 TOP10 access." out of curiosity, i read about it and the pictures they posted up there was very... like, convincing (lol). also, i stumble upon anime export and they had her on sale!!! 60% off!!! it was a great deal i couldn't pass up, without any hesitation i got it.

i will do a personal review later when i get the chance to see if this figure live up to the hype i read about.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

MidNight 12 Production's Logo/Trademark

i created a logo/trademark that i'll be using to label all my artwork and picture. i think of it as a stamp of ownership. i can also use it for censoring purposes too to block exposure parts in picture since i have mostly cast off figures that i'll be blogging about.
it took me at least a day to complete this. the design took me awhile up come up with. it all started with the idea of censoring future pictures i'll be posting up, and using "black block" for censoring picture is somewhat simple. so i decided to use bat-kun, my mascot. but then again, i didn't want to be using bat-kun on a picture because it'll seem comical. i decided to add a symbol underneath bat-kun.

long story-short... bat-kun is a bat and it reminded me of batman, so when i think of the word "symbol" and "batman" it reminded me of the "batman's symbol". i took and use that idea, and replace the body of bat-kun with the batman's symbol. i made a few changes here and there. if you look closely, you can see the initial "MN" = "MidNight" underneath the wings. clever, huh.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Loot: 2010 December (2 of 2)

good news, my order from 2010 december came:
  • daiki kougyo - s.m.g. mana paratrooper model ver.
  • figma - 085 persona 3: fes metis
  • blu-ray and dvd black rock shooter limited edition with nendoroid petit black rock shooter set
and now the bad news, i probably won't be able to post up a review anytime soon on these figures with my room being under construction. late january is most likely i'll start reviewing, can't wait.