Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mini Comic: a university's crush

-professor katie "writing instructor"
-alex (me)

setting: classroom

first, i would like to say that this mini comic is still in a "work-in-progress" and this event is based on a true story. the class started with a light lecture by professor katie and then all of a sudden, she told her entire students that she recently got engaged. at the top right corner is supposed to be a panel that shows a close-up look on her sparkly ring. as expected, we're all happy for her. especially the girls, i guess they found it to be romantic. but deep down, i'm sure this was our true reaction. i mean, come on... we were young male adults and she was a pretty good looking professor, so i'm sure that i am not the only one who felt that way.

anyways, happy chinese new year. hope you guys enjoy the humor from this mini comic.

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