Monday, June 27, 2011

Loot: 2011 June (2 of 3)

a package from tokyohunter, meaning the exclusive figures i ordered are here. they are the winter wonder festival 2011 collection, limited to japan release only.

  • figma - ex006 black rock shooter: mato kuroi
  • nendoroid petit - black rock shooter: mato and yomi (set), i caved in on this and decided to place an order at the last minute because of it being limited-and-all. i didnt want to regret it in the future for passing up on this and end up paying a fortune somewhere on ebay.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Loot: 2011 June (1 of 3)

an arrival of a very small loot i acquired from ebay. its the figure alexander from final fantasy creatures kai volume 3.

this particular figure is not included in the united states package set, which makes this piece some what of a rare item. so, in order for me to get my hands on this figure and collected the entire set of final fantasy creatures kai volume 3 was to go through ebay.

trust to be told, im not a big fan shopping at ebay because of all the complaining i been hearing over the years on bootleg. i tried finding a seller not listed in the china area, but no luck. only hong kong seller was selling it. long-story-short, i bought it from them and praying this isn't fake.

so far... it looks legit, still doubting tho...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loot: 2011 May (2 of 2)

i know its mid-june and im posting my latest loot on may. its not because of me being lazy nor busy, its because i lived in the central part of america and having my stuffs delivery from japan takes awhile to get to me. i could paid for express shipping and have it deliver faster, but it doesn't change the fact that i'm still gonna get my package. what im trying to say is that i can wait, im not rich enough to throw my money around like that.

anyways, before i get all side track. this package was shipped out to me on the last day of may.

the stuffs i got...

  • daiki kougyo: tenshi-san (1/12 scale)
  • figma - 097 bakemonogatari: araragi koyomi
  • figma - 099 my little sister can't be this cute: kousaka kirino
excuse the flashes in this picture, it was a quick-snap-quick-post. i just wanted to get this done with and moved on with other tasks.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

News: Tomb Raider

not too long ago when i was organizing some of the stuffs in my room, i stumble upon some old artwork. i felt like this particular piece of artwork was at the prefect time to be post and mention, because of a certain game that was presented at E3.

a video game tomb raider is getting a reboot from square-enix and crystal dynamics. i dont know much about it, but from what i had read, it looks promising.

the new tomb raider is revealed in this stunning teaser, complete with beautiful pre-render visuals. watch as the new lara croft begins her fight for survival.

anyways... here are the artwork that i mention earlier. i would also like to note that this artwork wasn't done by me, it was a gift from an old friend back in my high school days (1997-2001).
i decided to give it an upgrade, made some editing here and there. im going to put a back ground to give a little more life, so this isn't this final version.