Tuesday, September 20, 2011

News: PSP Persona 2 - Innocent Sin (Megami Tensei)

this playstation portable (psp) game is set to be release in the united states on 2011 september 20th, bundled with a bonus item. a mini sound track containing 10 tracks of music, that is it.

the european is going to release a collector edition of this game, bundled with the same mini sound track and much more. such as, a 6 double sided art cards, a large poster, and a t-shirt. apparently, it is only available for those who preorder direct from ghostlight.

my thought: i am still pending on whether i should just settle on the united states version since ghostlight doesn't deliver oversea. i don't want to go to ebay, because it is most likely going to be over price. as for zavvi, they haven't listed it in they inventory yet. so, i pray they get it in stock.

Monday, September 19, 2011

News: PSP Fate Extra Limited Edition

the united states version of this game is set to release on 2011 november 1st, bundled with bonus items. a sound track cd, and an exclusive fate/the fact booklet containing 20 pages of information about the events and the mysteries world in which fate/extra takes place. it is only available online at gamestop site for $39.99 (ten dollar more than the regular release).

the japanese version of this game was released 2010 july, bunlded with way more goody. such as a sexy 1/12 scale pose able action figure of saber manufacture by good smile company (figma), a sound track, a visual book, and all pack up in a special illustrated box. it was only available in japan for about $135.00

my thought: i already got the japanese limited edition version, still... i am considering getting the united states version because i don't understand japanese. as a collector, i would like to know what im getting into even though i hate getting double copy. i guesss thats the price i pay for not being multilingual.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Loot: 2011 August (1 of 1)

this order was quite large and expensive, purchased from amiami and biginjap. it came in separate days, but i decide to post them up at once because... im being lazy these days.

  • figma - 100 miku hatsune append version, included a bonus accessory. the headphone, a promo item for its release.
  • figma - 105 bakemonogatari: mayoi hachikuji
  • figma - sp033 black rock shooter: white rock shooter, bundled with the black rock shooter psp game and a short illustration art book bound together with the cd case (which included the sound track of the psp game).
  • revoltech - queen's blade vanquished queens: annelotte, bundled with a short story illustration book.
  • d-arts - zero, the side-kick of megaman x.
  • monthly comic dengeki daioh 2011 oct. issue with misaka 2.5 figure
  • dengeki daioh toaru kagaku no railgun special with shirai kuroko figure, bundled with misaka mikoto dakumura (pillow) cover.

  • black rock shooter curry and charm set

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cards Game

the reason for my absent through july was because i been shopping around for tools and materials so i would be able to remodel my kitchen since my brother and girlfriend moved out of my place, i had the entire place to myself. so far i haven't gotten much done, it wasn't as easy as i thought it would be. things just got in the way every time i got home from work, like i had events i needed to attend to, guests coming over that needed to be host... ~sigh.

the main story here is that i got back into playing card game, "magic: the gathering".
it all started when i took a break from life and turned on my ps3. i downloaded the title "magic: the gathering - duel of the plainwalker" and decided to give it a try since it was free because of the ps3 network hacking incident. i was hooked and surprised that the game kept it traditional feature like in the actual card game even tho it was being display virtually. it brought back so many memories, that i even took out my old deck of cards out.

my history with "magic: the gathering":
i do have experience playing mtg, but not expert enough to actual participate in a tournament. i started playing in my earlier years of college and entered in a few draft game during the time when "onslaught", "legions", and "scourge" set was still popular. i quit playing when "mirrodin" set was released, because the overwhelming change it was going through.

i just made a two color deck: white (planes) and black (swamp).
the purpose of this deck is to quick summon for angels into the battlefield. it mainly depends on the spell cards from swamp to bring out the angels, just think of it like the black spells are the engine and the angels are the firepower.main starts... Entomb (1mana), place angel to the graveyard. Play Exhume (2mana) or Zombify (4mana) to bring/put an angel in play from the graveyard.

i have Demonic Tutor to bring out Entomb, in case i didn't start out with it or later in game to get Buried Alive (3mana) to combo with Stitch Together (2mana) because of threshold.

angel of choice play first = any: Iona, Shield of Emeria for a quick win against a mono deck. Reya Dawnbringer to bring back an angel to play from graveyard each turn

the problem im having with this deck is the cards i start out with. if i end up having angels in my hand, i wont be able to summon it until i have enough mana (defeat the purpose of summoning quick angels). i need a card to be able to discard cards from my hand to put it in to the graveyard, so i added the enchantment "peace in mind".

here are pictures of the angels i have purchased, click to enlarge. i got them all in foil cause it makes searching a lot easier when playing.
"im charlie, and these are my angels".

$500.00 is the amount i spend on this deck, call me crazy all you want, but i think its worth it. anyways, i used coolstuffinc and starcitygames to get cards i needed to build a deck. they are reliable site.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Loot: 2011 July (1 of 1)

  • figma - 101 my little sister can't be this cute: gokou ruri
  • figma - sp018 black rock shooter: strength, this figure had a very unique feature and it wasn't known to the public until it was available for purchase. it came to be big surprise knowing this figure was able to cast-off because the manufacturer wasn't known to make a such thing.
  • figma - sp034 black rock shooter: yomi
  • freeing - ex:ride spride 03 gantz bike, an additional accessory for my figma reika

i noticed that the frame on the box of the "figma - sp018 black rock shooter: strength" was crashed, i think it was due to the weak packaging from amiami. this never happen before ordering from them countless time.

thankfully, nothing was damage to the figure itself.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Loot: 2011 June (2 of 3)

a package from tokyohunter, meaning the exclusive figures i ordered are here. they are the winter wonder festival 2011 collection, limited to japan release only.

  • figma - ex006 black rock shooter: mato kuroi
  • nendoroid petit - black rock shooter: mato and yomi (set), i caved in on this and decided to place an order at the last minute because of it being limited-and-all. i didnt want to regret it in the future for passing up on this and end up paying a fortune somewhere on ebay.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Loot: 2011 June (1 of 3)

an arrival of a very small loot i acquired from ebay. its the figure alexander from final fantasy creatures kai volume 3.

this particular figure is not included in the united states package set, which makes this piece some what of a rare item. so, in order for me to get my hands on this figure and collected the entire set of final fantasy creatures kai volume 3 was to go through ebay.

trust to be told, im not a big fan shopping at ebay because of all the complaining i been hearing over the years on bootleg. i tried finding a seller not listed in the china area, but no luck. only hong kong seller was selling it. long-story-short, i bought it from them and praying this isn't fake.

so far... it looks legit, still doubting tho...