Friday, December 31, 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Plans: New Room Furnitures

my current room is somewhat of a mess, and it isn't appealing at all. my stuff is all over the place, and i am lacking space as my hobby collection continue to grow. my room needs a make-over, i plan to buy new furniture. as a result, i made this blue print.list of furniture:

glass top L-shaped desk
it doesn't have to be glass material, an all white color (wooden material) will do fine too as long as it is an "L"-shape desk. i need a bigger working space for surfing the web while doing paper work, i wasn't able to do that cause my current desk was very very small.

desk top shelf, color: white
this will be place/attach on top of the desk for accessory storage purposes.

detolf glass door cabinet
i already have one, planning to get another one since my collection grew.
this item is available at ikea for the price of $59.99

dvd tower shelf, color: white
this item is the perfect size i been searching for, measure to be 7-1/8" wide. it is able to fit in that little space i have in the corner between the window. i plan to put all my personal dvds, blu-ray, and videogames on that shelf. the price tag on that item is listed as $39.99 at ikea

hemnes wardrobe, color: white
a small closet with at least one under shelf.
it is 26" wide, price $169.00 at ikea

queen size bed frame: tokyo 802 modern platform bed set that comes with other stuff that i don't need, the price is over $4,000. it is way too expensive, i am looking for some thing cheaper with a similar design shown in this photo. i find the bed mat being able to lift up is pretty awesome, like some secret storage space to hide stuff.

in conclusion, i am most likely going to ikea for all my shopping needs for the room. as for the desk, im thinking of going to other places (like best buy, office max, and staple) and do some price comparison in case ikea don't have the desk i like. the queen size bed frame is going to be a tough one, i might need to do a deep search to find one in my local area for an affordable price. i am hoping i can get this project of mine complete by the end of my winter break. ^^

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Loot: 2010 December (1 of 2)

my package arrived, its a purchase i made from ebay on the figure SMG Mana "sub-machine gun mana".

well... it was more like i won the bid for $45, with $11.10 for shipping. i know, pretty pricey for a 1/12 scale figure. the figure was released in 2010 of april, so getting one at a retail on-line store was impossible due to out of stock. my only luck was at ebay.

the only reason im interested in this figure was because of the idea of exchangeable head with any revoltech/figma's figures.

i decided to collect and buy all the 1/12 scale daiki's figure, excluding the alternative color.

the seller listed the condition as "new", but the seal is open.

i'll be examining the figure later just to make sure i don't get cheated by defect/damage. a review will be post soon.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Welcome, New Blog Page

its been a while since i last blogged, i will continue from here on out blogging at least once or twice a week. the current theme on this page is temporary, i'll be changing it soon. my ideal theme is still in the work-in-process stage. hopefully it'll be done soon.

so, here are some sample of what i been working on...

the banner for my header.

its still very rough, i need to clean it some more with photoshop. the background will be black, and the word "mid night" will be color somewhat neon-baby-blue. i want to make it look like its glowing.

This will be my mascot, he will be representing my blog. his name is "bat-kun"

he act tough, but deep down he a softy.