Monday, April 11, 2011

My Fan-Art of Bruce Lee

this post was meant to be on valentine’s day (keep reading and you’ll find out why later), but I couldn’t meet the dead line. i didn’t want to wait a whole entire year to post this up because im afraid it might slip my mind. i tend to forget to do things from time to time, i have a lot of up-keeps going on in my life.

anyways, before i get all side-track about it.

i did a fan art on bruce lee from the movie “game of death”. its a classic action flick, and consider to be an “alright” movie during its time.

here are some fight scene images I got from the internet for memory refreshment.

The character in the yellow jump suit was played by bruce lee, and the tall fellow he fighting against was played by a well known retired nba player named kareem.

i drew a female version of that tall fighter, and named her nakim. think of her as an amazonian warrior, sexy huh. if you didn’t notice, i added furry slipper that shape like a paw on her feet. this work here is done by photoshop:

step 1: using pencil and paper for rough draft

step 2: darken the outline with pen

step 3: scan it on a scanner

step 4: use photoshop to clean, add color here and there, and end with some shadowing and trimming.

this made drawing a lot easier. saved a lot of paper, wish I discover this sooner.

the next character i drew is bruce lee in chibi form to accompany nakim because without chibi bruce lee, i dont think anyone will get the idea of my character nakim.

it turn out very nice, it seems like chibi bruce lee is weak against female fighter. lol

a second parody. i called this piece "game of love", get it? renamed after the movie title.

so yeah… im a fan of bruce lee, and i admire his achievement in life. story of his strength and agility are so incredible, it seems unbelievable. he is legend. i thought it’ll be cool/fun to dress up as him for halloween.

here are some of my favorite video links related to bruce lee

Friday, April 08, 2011

Loot: 2011 April (1 of 4) & (2 of 4)

i got two package arrived to me on the same day. the larger package from hobby link japan, and the smaller package from zavvi.

from zavvi, i got myself a psp game 3rd Birthday: twisted edition. this edition is europe release only.

it contains a copy of c.t.i. confidential – an exclusive 48 page hard cover book packed with top secret artwork and concept illustrations; two deluxe aya brea lithograph art prints and an exclusive lightning in aya brea costume for use in the forthcoming psp release dissida 012 duodecim final fantasy.
i would like to mention again that zavvi deliver there goods world wide for free.

from hobby link japan, i only got four things:

  • figma - 078 s.e. kirara: aya kagura uniform version. it was 45% off, i couldn't pass up on a "alright" deal compare to this "one great" deal i miss out at amiami. anyways, im not a fan of this series, the reason i got this figure was because i wanted the extra facial expression and accessory for my exclusive figma - sp010 aya morning coffee version.
  • revoplier, its a tool i decided to get for my revoltech's collection. i been having a hard time posing my figures in a certain way. i didn't want to force my figure to bend causing it to break, so removing the pegs and putting it back on seems to be the correct way of doing it. sounds easy, but my finger tips hurts like hell from removing those damn pegs. especially the smaller ones. my problem is now solved.
  • hobby japan magazine august 2010, this issue came with a very cute charm of black rock shooter. it was $9.40/each, i decided to place 2 order since it was somewhat cheap. i'll be opening one and keeping the other one seal as a collector's item.
here is where i got really upset about hobby link japan. those 4 items are like $41, and im expecting my shipping charge would be at least half of $41 because that what i normally paid. instead, it was $54. i find it to be ridiculously expensive, so i e-mail them about it. they respond back, saying that the 2 magazine i ordered was heavy. apparently, the weight added the extra cost. i guess the magazine wasn't that cheap as it seems to be, there should be a warning.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Loot: 2011 March (3 of 3)

My last loot from march finally showed up at my door step, metaphorically speaking.
its only a few item again, because most of my pre-order's items for march got delay. there release date got push back to next month. therefore, my next month's loot will be somewhat hug.

heres a quick front-back picture for this particular item: figma - sp017 black rock shooter: black gold saw.
and final fantasy plush: chocobo magic book.
i been eying at this item for quick some time now. i didn't think it was worth it to have one item ship out to me, so i decided to add this item with this shipment.