Tuesday, June 07, 2011

News: Tomb Raider

not too long ago when i was organizing some of the stuffs in my room, i stumble upon some old artwork. i felt like this particular piece of artwork was at the prefect time to be post and mention, because of a certain game that was presented at E3.

a video game tomb raider is getting a reboot from square-enix and crystal dynamics. i dont know much about it, but from what i had read, it looks promising.

the new tomb raider is revealed in this stunning teaser, complete with beautiful pre-render visuals. watch as the new lara croft begins her fight for survival.

anyways... here are the artwork that i mention earlier. i would also like to note that this artwork wasn't done by me, it was a gift from an old friend back in my high school days (1997-2001).
i decided to give it an upgrade, made some editing here and there. im going to put a back ground to give a little more life, so this isn't this final version.

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