Saturday, May 28, 2011

Loot: 2011 May (1 of 2)

heres a package that was send to me by tokyohunter, a proxy i used to purchase exclusive stuff that is release no where else other than japan. i ordered this back in 2010 october, so long ago that i almost forgot about it.

with the cost of the item, buyer's commission fee, shipping fee from the shop to the buyer, and shipping fee from the buyer to me add-up to be one expensive item.

this item is figma sp020: misaka imouto a character from the anime "a certain magical index".
this figure is a limited release to twenty thousand. they all have a tag label beneath the base of the stand that has a running number from 00001 to 20000.

i am very eager to find out what number i got, so here a quick look and mine is 17073

i can't read japanese, but there writing (or characters) is very similar to chinese. since i studied a little bit of chinese, i can still make out some of the characters. for those who needs help, heres a translation-number-character.well.. i guess this is far as i'll go on this rare item. since i now know my number, i'm gonna put it back in the box where it original belong. this is as close as it is to a review on a figure as it gonna be... until next time.

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