Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Loot: 2011 June (1 of 3)

an arrival of a very small loot i acquired from ebay. its the figure alexander from final fantasy creatures kai volume 3.

this particular figure is not included in the united states package set, which makes this piece some what of a rare item. so, in order for me to get my hands on this figure and collected the entire set of final fantasy creatures kai volume 3 was to go through ebay.

trust to be told, im not a big fan shopping at ebay because of all the complaining i been hearing over the years on bootleg. i tried finding a seller not listed in the china area, but no luck. only hong kong seller was selling it. long-story-short, i bought it from them and praying this isn't fake.

so far... it looks legit, still doubting tho...

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