Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Loot: 2011 April (4 of 4)

this large order i made from amiami.com finally arrived, so large it has to be shipped out in two separate package.

package #1
  • figma 092: hitagi senjogahara a character from the anime bakemonogatari.
  • figma 095: kos-mos version 4 from the playstation video game series xenosaga episode 3.
  • revoltech: jehuty from zone of ender.

package #2

  • d-art: rockman x, also known as megaman
  • daiki kougyo: reira from the masaki mizuhara collection, scaled to be 1/12.
  • kotobukiya: misaka mori one coin mini figures from the anime toaru majutsu no index
  • toaru kagaku no railgun judgement armband.

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