Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zack Fair Artwork (Work In Progress)

final fantasy vii was a great game during my teenage-year. it was so great, it got me hopping on the squaresoft-bandwagon (which was known by that name until they merge the company they are known as now "square-enix"). anyways, with the release of crisis core: final fantasy vii, square-enix reminded me why i hopped on there bandwagon. the love of a game with good story, good art, good sound track, and good game-play.

here are some artwork i been working on, a character from crisis core: final fantasy vii's zack fair.

different angle of posing position
(top left corner) zack holding up a materia, (middle) a close-up on zack slashing downward, and last (bottom left corner) a farther look on zack kneeing down on one leg, downward slash.

a parody: the last battle scene of zack fighting off countless shrine soldier
i wanted to do like a mini comic showing zack at his last stand, jumping into the crowd of enemies. hacking and slashing his way towards survival/freedom, until he slowly getting gun down. maybe a few panel of flashback of aerith to increase the emotion of the story, epic. hopefully it can be done. as of now, its just a dream.

chibi zack with moggle
i drew this base on a picture from my cosplaying event at ACEN.

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