Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Loot: 2011 February (1 of 1)

this item was released and shipped out to me late feb., i received the package on the 12th of march.

i couldn't wait, so i opened it during my car ride back home from work.

its composite ver.ka captain haruhi custom all area all purpose humanoid battle exoskeleton by bandai. yes, that is the name of this figure. it is truly long.

truth-to-be-told, i am unfamiliar with her character nor have i ever watch the anime. the only reason i got her because of her bunny outfit and the mech. that makes it sexy and badass. i hesitated when i pre-order her, heres a few reason.

1. as a collector, i want to limited my anime's origin collection. im afraid i made fall in love with this series and go crazy spending spree on those merchandises.

2. its from bandai... the toys they make in the united states aren't that appealing.

by the time i regret it, my supplier's policy wouldn't let me cancel my pre-order. i might consider selling her, but then again... when i see this figure in person, it wasn't as bad i thought it would be.

as you can see i only had one figure for that month and the price for shipping was 1/3 of the figure's price. it wasn't worth it to ship out one figure. as a result, i asked amiami if they can hold on to it and have it ship out with the rest of my order on march so i can save some money. they reply back telling me they can't hold an item more than a week possibility of being damage or lost... ~sigh.

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