Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Room Design: Completed

wasted my whole entire winter vacation on planning and shopping, it was very time consuming. still, it wasn't enough time to get everything done. it took a lot longer than i expected.

here are pictures to show what i had to go through. i had to clean out my entire room before i could put anything together.
this bed frame was shipped from new york, its awesome for storage. i think its way better than those weak pull out drawers. p.s. in case your wondering, i am practicing for UFC/MMA. thats right, thats how they do it.
the cavali storage bed (white), expensive... T_T...
in the process of building the wardrobe i got from ikea

i think batman would have a bed frame like this. neat place to hide stuff.
wardrobe: drawer, basket, and gloss door were bought separately

stainless steel custom made closet from the factory i work at, free
wanted this L-shape table at room & board, it was expensive as hell. so i went there and copy there design, fabricated at the factory. free
no 4th leg in the middle
was thinking about glass top... changed my mind cause it didn't match with the color scheme i was going for.
2 piece 18" x 36" MDF white table top from "room & board"... expensive... T_T

life as a carpenter, in the process of building the hutch
added cushion underneath the hutch so it wouldn't scratch up the table top
the finish result
my home office complete, ^^ finally...

i am still pondering where to position some of my figure collection for displaying, so to be continue... room gonna change a bit.

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