Monday, March 28, 2011

Loot: 2011 March (1 of 3)

again, i had one item shipped out to me. this was an early march's loot, which i'm not quite happy with. it has nothing to do with the figure, but the shipment. this could of been shipped with my late february's loot, and i could have save shipping cost.

i did ask amiami if i could have this shipped with the rest of my order on march. again, same reply.

later, i found out i was suppose to request "combine order" before my items are ready to be ship.

anyways, the loot i got is revoltech queen's blade 012: ymir, the daughter of the dwarven king and known by others as the steel princess.

she very cute, i can't wait to display her. as of now, she'll have to be in the box like the rest of my unopen figure's collection, until i can find time to play with them.

a review of this will be post some time in the near future.

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