Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Loot: 2011 March (2 of 3)

this loot is a little different from the others. its a video game. to be more detail about it, it's a psp game "dissidia 012 [duodecim] final fantasy: legacy edition". this is a sequel to dissidia final fantasy.

the "legacy edition" is release in europe only, containing six deluxe character lithograph art prints, all presented in special white packaging with exclusive legacy edition sleeve artwork.

personally, i think this edition is a little weak compare to "dissidia final fantasy limited collector's edition". but, it's way better than the united states release. you get absolutely nothing at all, no hope for any special edition in the united states.

as a fan, who happens to lived in the united states, its disappointing. i was resort to online shopping in order to obtain a copy, possible over paying some where like in ebay. luckily, i stumble upon this site called zavvi for european's goods. the price is reasonable, the stuffs is authentic, and free shipping!!! this site is awesome, wish i knew it sooner.

i will not likely post up a review for this item since im not planning to break the seal. it a collector item after all. the game itself for a review might happen if i can get a used copy with in my budget of spending.

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