Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loot: 2011 January (4 of 4)

my last package from my january order has finally arrived. it was shipped from japan on the 27th of jan. and got to me on the 17th of feb., that's like a 21 day delivery. a long wait... im guessing its because i used "registered SAL small packet" a cheaper delivery service, and the huge nasty snow storm that occurred from where i lived causing the delay.

i meant to do this post earlier, but due to a busy week i just didn't had the time. i had to host some very good friends of mine from outer town for the weekend, then valentine's day on monday, a bachelor party, and a wedding i needed to attend to as a groomsman.
anyways, back to blogging about my loot before i get side track.

  • nendoriod 121: saber full action, is my first nendoriod purchase ever. the only reason i got her was because she was 50% off at amiami, which was like $24.33 a good deal i could pass up.
  • figma sp014: misaka mikoto from the anime series a certain magical index, it came with a psp game (or the other way around, the game came with the figure).
  • final fantasy xiv: kuplu kopo plushes

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