Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi (the sequel) figures collection

this set you see here was released some time around 2004. truth to be told, school-life romance anime is not my cup of tea and the only reason i purchased this dvd is because it came with these sexy mini figures. there is a total of 5 figure in this set.

the figures require some minor assembling.

figures review...
(click on picture to enlarge for a better view)
aoi sakuraba is the female lead character in this anime. she's usually portrayed wearing a kimono, making her seen as a yamato nadeshiko (traditional japanese beauty). she generally very shy and demure, addressing people with proper manners. she's a very good cook and keeps her house in a very clean state. unlike other female leads in harem anime, she works to control her jealousy and is generally successful.

the pose on this figure really express her character's shyness, which i liked. the head is movable compare to the other figures, and i think its unique because you can tilt her head in any direction you want.

mayu miyuki is a sixteen-year-old brat, who came from a rich family and claims to be from england. she may seems mean on the outside, but she has heavy feelings on the inside. she very cheerful and intelligent.

the design was simple to begin with so no point praising it. i would usually avoid purchasing any figure when a body part is cut-off, but i'll make this one an exception because its part of the scenery and a connector for the rest.

tina foster was born in the united states, texas. majority of her life was spent in japan. she has a habit of greeting females by groping and fondling their breasts from behind. she's loud and outspoken. she is also very fond of drinking and has an enormous capacity for alcohol.

chika minazuki spends most of her time working in a cafe down by the beach. Because of this, she's very tanned except for tan-lines caused by her swimsuit. she has a very energetic personality.

the coloring is great, especially the tan line. it really does "stand-out" from the other figures. the only complain i have on this figure is that the material on her right leg is not giving enough support. as a result, the right leg tends to bend. to solve this problem, i made the figure lean against a wall of some sort to stop it from bending.

taeko minazuki attends the same school with the rest of the house member within the casts. she also work as a housekeeper as her part-time job. her most prominent features are her very large breasts (that never stop growing) and her clumsiness. she had a tendency to break a lot of valuable objects, but she tries to do her best.

i think this figure will be a lot cool-er if her glasses can be removable.

verdict: overall, it is an alright set. the sculpted and design aren't bad at all, its cute and sexy. i think it would be awesome if it comes with a "spa" background to match with the figures. i really wish they would of made a figure of miyabi kagurazaki to go with this set as well. she a pretty eye-catching character too.

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