Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia: figures collection volume 2 set of 6

this picture contain all the characters released in volume 2 which round up to the number of figures to 6. these figures are "trading arts mini", the characters themselves have been chibised turning them into SD characters.

compare to volume 1, i find this set to be much more cuter. each figures seem to be well crafted too. and again, the figures require some minor assembling.

figures review...
(click on picture to enlarge for a better view)
rin tosaka, a model student who is secretly a sorceress. she lacks a formal magic education, but she is extremely powerful in her own right. this figure truly express her perceptive and competitive attitude.

i like the gloss they use on the ribbon to distinguish the different from her hair. by doing so, the shine help it stands out more.

archer is the servant of rin tosaka. he has no memory of his previous life or identity due to an incomplete summon. he is sarcastic and cynical.

in my opinion, i think this is the best figure out of this volume. the design from his hair to his shirt, down to his shorts is neat and smooth. it even came with 3 chibised cats, ^^

issei ryudo is the preident goverment at homura academy and a good friend of shirou. his father is a priest at a temple.

the design was simple to begin with so no point praising "toys planning" the manufacturer for his sculpt. i would like to note that his glasses is removable.

rider is a servant of shinji. she is silent, sultry, and vigilant. to compensate for her weakness, rider employs covert battle tactics and take advantage of the territory around her. bikini wise she is the most seductive which in turn makes her the most eye catching character so far. her glasses is also removable.

sukra mato is a high school student, and the sister of shinji. she has a long standing and obvious crush on shinro emiya. she is outwardly shy and timid, but possesses great inner strength.
i really like her post, it brings out her cuteness and still look so innocent.

there is a minor problem with this figure, its nothing big. its just that the figure doesn't stick to the stand, so if you don't have an even surface, it will slide off. and the beach ball as we

lancer is balanced warrior who enjoys combating a worthy opponent. he has a playful attitude and takes a very carefree approach to life, but is quick to work himself into a frenzy during a heated battle.

i like the pose on this figure, it reminds me of the "monkey king" from the chinese novel called "journey to the west". the only problem i have is probably the spear, it isn't straight.

verdict: overall, volume 2 is slightly better sculpted and designed compare to the first volume. again,
i suggest to place this set above eye level for a good view because its hard to see most of the figure's face when their head is tilted down. i really like these figures, i hope there will be volume 3.

characters i would like to see next volume: caster (female), fujimura taiga, assassin, berserker, bazett fraga mcremitz, and maybe kiritsugu emiya.

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