Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Neo Genesis Evangelion: gasphapon figure collections

this is my evangelion collections...
  • neo genesis evangelion complete dvd set. this was my first anime dvd set i had ever purchased and it was expensive. it was released in 2002 april 09, containing a total of 26 episode in 8 discs.
  • 2 moives: death and rebirth, the end of evangelion.
  • 2 movies (uncut version): death and rebirth, the end of evangelion.
  • 3 set of gashapon figure collections. these figures are also known as high grade imagination figures (HGIF).

the neo genesis evangelion complete dvd set does not come with these gasphapon figures you see here. i purchased them separately.

the figures require some minor assembling.

figures review...
(click on picture to enlarge for a better view)
yoshiyuki sadamoto collection gashpon series 4, released in 2005 september 30. there is a total of 6 figures in this set.

i would like to mention that there is an awesome wallpaper similar to the figure you see here.

and yes, i realized i mess up with the setting... =_=

gasphapon figure collection: swim suit edition, released in 2006 september 30. there is a total of 6 figures in this set.

the detail is very well crafted for such a small figure. the design truly shows from hair down to the toes, i especially like the paintwork on the hair. the end part of the hair have like a gel-like glow to it.

the figure isn't prefect, there is some minor error on the paintwork being out of line or off the mark.

yoshiyuki sadamoto collection gashpon (new theater version), released in 2007 october 02. there is a total of 7 figures in this set.

misato katsuragi looks very hot with that can of alcoholic beverage in her hand.

its cute that there is even a figure of pen pen the penguin.

the plug suit on asuka and rei's paintwork is really good, the gloss brings out a nice shine. the bench and the the figure's poser gives it a realistic-feel like they are getting ready to battle.

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