Saturday, January 29, 2011

Loot: 2011 January (1 of 4)

during the month of january i made a few online purchases from four different places, and one of those order has arrived at my door step. its a small package.

its sheryl nome from macross frontier, a 1/8 scale figure made by megahouse. truth-to-be-told, i am unfamiliar with her character nor have i ever watch the anime. the reason i got her is because of akiba hobby, they ranked this figure as no. 1 in their "...figures in your 2009 TOP10 access." out of curiosity, i read about it and the pictures they posted up there was very... like, convincing (lol). also, i stumble upon anime export and they had her on sale!!! 60% off!!! it was a great deal i couldn't pass up, without any hesitation i got it.

i will do a personal review later when i get the chance to see if this figure live up to the hype i read about.

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