Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Loot: 2011 August (1 of 1)

this order was quite large and expensive, purchased from amiami and biginjap. it came in separate days, but i decide to post them up at once because... im being lazy these days.

  • figma - 100 miku hatsune append version, included a bonus accessory. the headphone, a promo item for its release.
  • figma - 105 bakemonogatari: mayoi hachikuji
  • figma - sp033 black rock shooter: white rock shooter, bundled with the black rock shooter psp game and a short illustration art book bound together with the cd case (which included the sound track of the psp game).
  • revoltech - queen's blade vanquished queens: annelotte, bundled with a short story illustration book.
  • d-arts - zero, the side-kick of megaman x.
  • monthly comic dengeki daioh 2011 oct. issue with misaka 2.5 figure
  • dengeki daioh toaru kagaku no railgun special with shirai kuroko figure, bundled with misaka mikoto dakumura (pillow) cover.

  • black rock shooter curry and charm set

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