Monday, April 11, 2011

My Fan-Art of Bruce Lee

this post was meant to be on valentine’s day (keep reading and you’ll find out why later), but I couldn’t meet the dead line. i didn’t want to wait a whole entire year to post this up because im afraid it might slip my mind. i tend to forget to do things from time to time, i have a lot of up-keeps going on in my life.

anyways, before i get all side-track about it.

i did a fan art on bruce lee from the movie “game of death”. its a classic action flick, and consider to be an “alright” movie during its time.

here are some fight scene images I got from the internet for memory refreshment.

The character in the yellow jump suit was played by bruce lee, and the tall fellow he fighting against was played by a well known retired nba player named kareem.

i drew a female version of that tall fighter, and named her nakim. think of her as an amazonian warrior, sexy huh. if you didn’t notice, i added furry slipper that shape like a paw on her feet. this work here is done by photoshop:

step 1: using pencil and paper for rough draft

step 2: darken the outline with pen

step 3: scan it on a scanner

step 4: use photoshop to clean, add color here and there, and end with some shadowing and trimming.

this made drawing a lot easier. saved a lot of paper, wish I discover this sooner.

the next character i drew is bruce lee in chibi form to accompany nakim because without chibi bruce lee, i dont think anyone will get the idea of my character nakim.

it turn out very nice, it seems like chibi bruce lee is weak against female fighter. lol

a second parody. i called this piece "game of love", get it? renamed after the movie title.

so yeah… im a fan of bruce lee, and i admire his achievement in life. story of his strength and agility are so incredible, it seems unbelievable. he is legend. i thought it’ll be cool/fun to dress up as him for halloween.

here are some of my favorite video links related to bruce lee

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