Thursday, December 09, 2010

Loot: 2010 December (1 of 2)

my package arrived, its a purchase i made from ebay on the figure SMG Mana "sub-machine gun mana".

well... it was more like i won the bid for $45, with $11.10 for shipping. i know, pretty pricey for a 1/12 scale figure. the figure was released in 2010 of april, so getting one at a retail on-line store was impossible due to out of stock. my only luck was at ebay.

the only reason im interested in this figure was because of the idea of exchangeable head with any revoltech/figma's figures.

i decided to collect and buy all the 1/12 scale daiki's figure, excluding the alternative color.

the seller listed the condition as "new", but the seal is open.

i'll be examining the figure later just to make sure i don't get cheated by defect/damage. a review will be post soon.

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