Thursday, March 25, 2010

Loot: 2010 March (1 of 1)

Final Fantasy XIII Limited Collector's Edition

was release on the 2010 march 9th, and this limited collector's edition ps3 game was only released in europe.

it contain the following:
  • a soundtrack selection CD
  • an art book
  • 3 exclusive art print
  • unique 'brand of the i'cie' decal
in order for me to get a copy of this edition was ebay. i pre-order my copy a week early and the price wasn't cheap, it cost me $134.72 included shipping.

the wait was brutal after the release date, it took a week for me to receive my copy from the mail. when i open the package, i was somewhat upset. the cover box sustain some major crush mark due to weak packaging. i paid good money for this game and the guy use a bubble wrap envelope... >_<... thats the risk i take for shopping at ebay. i haven't open the game yet, its still seal. to me, its a collector item and i don't want it to loss anymore of its value. i just hope that nothing is damage on the inside.

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