Friday, July 03, 2009

Want Lists: Twilight Princess Figures Collection Gashapon

after playing the legend of zelda: twilight princess on the nintendo wii, i have the urge to buy these detailed miniature figure as part of my collection.

this collection gashapon was released in 2007 july 24, a total of 4 figure in a set, and stand around 4.7 inches tall.

the set contains link who is wielding his shield and master sword, princess zelda with her sword, midna riding on top of wolf link, and zant.

back in 2008, i saw these figures on sale at an anime convention. i didn't get it at that time because...

1) it was expense since it was being sold at an anime convention and...

2) it was way beyond my budget, i could only afford to purchase a few figure during my time at the anime convention. it was either final fastasy mini figure or this, so i went with final fanstasy instead since i am more of a fan for that series.

anyways, right now i am having trouble finding twilight princess collection gashapon at my local store.... ~sigh. it seems like my only chance of getting this set is on ebay, which i dont trust.

oh well, this is gonna to be on my "want to get lists".

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